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a digital menu Means cheaper prices. You don't have to pay for menu design services or for printed menus.

The "Call for service" function is simple and straightforward to use, and it eliminates the need for the guest to catch the attention of your employees or wait for someone to pay attention to the table. He looks over the deal by scanning the QR code and placing orders for anything he wants in only a few clicks. You get a notification with the client pick and Table Number, and you get everything ready to serve. Nothing could be easier, and your restaurant quality, efficiency, and professionalism will improve.

Digital Menus are simple to update and change. Restaurant managers can add new items or updating the menu without having to print, laminate, pick up, and distribute traditional menus. any change to the menu will be updated across all QR codes immediately.

Safe use, the menu is digital, and each customer browses the menu and sends his order with his own mobile phone, so there is no contact with the surfaces of the menu as happens in the traditional printed menus. This will greatly reduce the spread of any germs or enemy and raise the level of hygiene in your services provided to the level that satisfies you and ensures the satisfaction of your customers and their confidence in your services.

Ease of management, the control panel of your store or your services provided, it is easy to use and very rich in features that many shop owners and similar services have long wished for, for example, for each feature there is a panel dedicated to managing this feature, for example, the feature of receiving orders, you are free View and manage order information. Once you click on the Requests feature, you will see all requests, all the contents of the request, its type, customer data, and a lot of details. But if you want to have only one page to manage and deal with new requests, you can only click on the Requests screen feature.

communicate with your customers? You will not lose contact with your customers, on the contrary, the traditional way is for the customer to wait for the waiter (the waiter) until he empties and then comes to the customer, while with the waiter call service (the waiter) the customer’s request will be sent immediately and the waiter will go to the customer’s table to provide the service requested by the customer Thus, it saves a lot of time for the customer and the waiter (the waiter). Through the waiter call service (the waiter), the customer can send a service request from the waiter through the same menu, for example, if the customer wishes to obtain a spoon, paper tissues, or anything he wants All he has to do is click on the waiter call service and write what he wants. Immediately, an audio, visual and printed alert (optional) will appear for you in the kitchen with the presence of a waiter request (waiter) coming from any table and the service that the customer desires.


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Working Process

How It Works


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Create Menu

Create your list with the classification that suits you with the inclusion of pictures and descriptions of the products, which provides the pleasure of browsing for your customers and the ease of sending their orders directly to your kitchen.

Print your store menu QR Code.

Put the printed codes on your tables, as each table code consists of a number or a name, as well as a secret number.

Receive Orders

When your customers order something, you will be notified immediately, and the system will send the order to your printers that you specify, and the order will be printed automatically, as well as a visual notification through the control panel.

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You can try our guarantee and services for 30 days for free, thus giving you enough time to be very confident in your decision to continue or not.

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